The Benefits of a Career in Gaming

It’s very unusual for real-world jobs to be identified with fun and excitement, but a career in gaming is one of the rare few. Working in the Gaming industry is no longer a niche interest, video games are now mainstream and very much everywhere. In an industry that is still growing quickly, there are many opportunities to get in early and make a career for yourself.

The perks of working in the gaming industry:

You can follow your passion

If you enjoy video games, working as a gaming designer allows you to turn your hobby into a career. Often, game designers spend their time playing games, this helps with understanding what makes them fun and interesting. The ability to use your knowledge as a gamer to create the type of games that players want to play will help improve your career prospects.
It allows you to express your creativity and analytical skills

As a creative industry, video gaming and development can be appealing to those with a creative skill set like designing a game. You can also demonstrate your creativity in the mechanics that your game implements, creating or combining additional elements in new ways to make a more interesting gaming experience.

Gaming specialists are responsible for conceptualising the themes, structure and rules of a video game including creative areas such as scriptwriting or level design. Others work from technological knowledge. Being analytical and organised is critical to planning how various aspects of the game will work allowing gamers to use critical thinking techniques.

Your work generates tangible results

The game design culture is unlike the environment in any other industry. Employees are living their passion. They are dedicated, enthusiastic and creative, and as a game designer, you get to experience the ultimate satisfaction of creating a product that you love and others will enjoy.

Video game design is a field in which your work produces a product that you can see and interact with. Not only do you have the ability to play your game yourself, but you can also experience how other video game enthusiasts enjoy your product upon release. For some professionals, this can be an appealing opportunity, as it makes it easier to see the appreciable results of the work you have done.

There are multiple routes of entry

The video game industry is large, with projects ranging from multimillion-dollar games produced by major studios to independent games created by single developers working in their spare time. The diversity of opportunity creates several options for getting into game design.
You can work independently

Gaming is a field that provides opportunities for those who don’t enjoy working in structured or corporate settings. Although independent video game development may require financial sacrifices during the development process, independent games can reach critical and popular success. This allows an individual or small team with a goal in mind to design and produce a game based on their unique vision.

Job Security

Independent game development can provide an advantage to an aspiring video game designer with the ability to work part-time while maintaining a full-time job. An independent video game designer may decide to freelance on their designs in the evenings or on weekends. This allows a game designer to maintain a steady flow of income from full-time employment, while also pursuing a passion for video game design.

Game designers have a certain amount of added job security due to the immense and growing popularity of the video game industry. New and more powerful systems are constantly being developed, and increasingly more video games are released yearly. As a result gaming companies are always on the lookout for bright new talents in the field.

It’s a really interesting time to get started or grow in the industry As the world moves towards a fully digital and highly technological future, the gaming industry will have a big play in it, beyond fun games for mobile and computers. If you’re curious and want to know more about how to design your own game be sure to check out the Bring It On Build Your Own Game section of our website.