Why Consider a Career In Cyber Security?

The internet has revolutionised our lives. It has transformed the way we socialise, communicate, play and learn. It has also had a major impact on the way we work. Every day we see faster and more efficient ways of working that utilise a vast and increasing array of software and hardware innovations, but this brings potential cyber crime issues.


What risks are involved in Cyber Security?

Developments in technology within the IT sector can increase our ability to communicate and promote our businesses but they can hinder them as well. Those risks include:

Unseen vulnerabilities in the software and hardware then exploited by criminals
Personal information that we publish daily on social platforms then enables criminals to target businesses.
Constant scams by criminal groups through compromising emails
An employee on the inside can infiltrate your company or network.

Why should you consider a career in Cyber Security?

Cyber security has become a massive growth area of any modern business. Every role within IT has a cyber security aspect. Focusing on security as your primary role opens up a world of options in the hottest field in tech.

1. The Huge Number of Cyber Security Jobs

Organisations around the world are in desperate need of skilled professionals who can detect, respond to, and prevent cyber crime. Businesses today devote an increasing amount of time and money to detecting and preventing cyber attacks resulting in a boom in demand for skilled cyber security professionals.

If you run a search for “cyber security” within any recruitment website, your search will result in hundreds, if not thousands, of job opportunities. Companies are creating new cyber security jobs faster than they can fill them. It is safe to say that candidates with cyber security skills have a distinct advantage in this highly competitive job market.

2. The Offer Of a Competitive Salary

Demand for skilled cyber security professionals is growing faster than the rate at which people are gaining the necessary skills. Professionals who have the skills and experience to fill these roles right now may even be able to negotiate a higher salary. The demand for cyber security professionals means salaries within the field are extremely lucrative, with the rise not expected to stop anytime soon. Contract roles in particular are likely to pay premium rates for cyber security professionals who can design projects that deliver change for their business.

3. Cyber Security Has Many Different Career Pathways

Mastering the art of being one step ahead of cyber criminals requires teams of experts, with different skills and knowledge. A career in cyber security will depend on your specific skill set, your unique interests and strengths within the field.

A coding specialist in IT is a great place to start. You may find yourself developing secure networks, systems to protect cloud-based databases or security software to embed in the latest online app.

The next stage could be a move into risk analysis, deciding to further your education in security governance, or seeking an advanced degree or technical certification.

Cyber security is a dynamic, rapidly evolving field with plenty to offer in terms of opportunities to shape your career and evolve your interests.

4. Cyber Security May Bring Job Security

Cyber security appears to be future-proof as the career presents the ultimate growth potential with your career path opportunities and learning skills. Security can be boxed off as its own discipline, but it does link to all of the other IT skill sets. There is massive potential to stay engaged and challenged through understanding as much as possible about how technology and businesses work. The current workload has allowed cyber security teams to scale up and out as the opportunities are there for professionals willing to take the challenge.

Cyber security is likely to continue to see extensive job growth for the foreseeable future. Even in times of recession cyber crime doesn’t go away. In other words, if you begin a certification or degree in cyber security today, the future is a bright one for those with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to join the fight against cyber crime in the IT sector.

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