Bring IT On 2017-18 End of Year Report

Another successful year for the Bring IT On project. Download and read our ‘End of year report’ for free which details how we successfully promoted the IT sector in Northern Ireland during 2016-17. We are looking forward to 2017-18.


Bring IT On Schools Presentation 17/18

We will be out visiting schools across Northern Ireland to deliver an exciting presentation to your Year 10 and Year 13 students about working in the IT sector. This will cover:

  • The range of jobs available
  • Entry routes to the IT sector
  • Salaries in the industry
  • Local opportunities in Northern Ireland

Click on the link to download the ‘Bring IT On Schools Presentation’. 


Pathways into IT

Thinking about a career in IT but not sure which pathway to take? Click on the link to download our ‘Degree Pathways Information Technology ’ guide for FREE 


Parent and carers’ guide to Bring IT On

Are you a parent or carer looking for advice and information about careers in IT for your child? Click on the link below to download our ‘Parent and Carers’ guide for FREE.


Bring IT On Student Guide

Are you a student looking for some advice and information about careers in IT? Click on the  link below to download our ‘Students guide’ for free.