7 reasons for women to get into the Tech sector

It probably comes as no surprise that women still remain underrepresented within the tech sector across the globe; this pattern extends to the STEM field overall which has been regarded as a male dominated field for decades. The statistics speak for themselves – just 15% of Engineering graduates 

are female, whilst computer studies has less than 20% of female graduates. Lack of representation has somewhat of a domino effect – if a field is dominated by one gender over another it can cause further lack of diversity as there is a shortage of role models for the next generations to aspire to. 

The root of the problem can be traced back all the way to primary education. Just a decade or two ago, when gender bias was still more prevalent, STEM subjects were not adapted in a way where they would appear appealing to girls during developmental stages. There was still a strong divide between activities aimed at boys and girls with young boys being encouraged to pick up toys and hobbies that represented science, construction or engineering, whilst young girls were introduced to activities that may have been considered more ‘feminine’ and encouraged interest in female dominated fields such as hairdressing, beauty, and childcare. 

This is just one of the reasons why women may have not been as attracted to the Tech sector over the years. On the bright side, there is a noticeable shift in the amount of gender bias within the field as attitudes adapt and more effort is being made globally to diversify STEM. As much as we are slowly making progress, we are still far from reaching our goal of achieving gender balance across multiple industries. Technology, science, and IT are some of the fastest growing fields across the globe, and their impacts on our everyday lives are revolutionary. We need to have a representation of genders across these fields so that we can create solutions and products suited for everyone. 

The Tech sector offers some of the best paid roles out there, salaries in I.T in particular can start anywhere from £25,000 or more, with virtually no cap – as some specialists and experts make upwards of £80,000 per year. It’s important to open up these roles to women in our efforts to close the gender pay gap and create equal opportunities. Diversity doesn’t just benefit the population, it has been proven that organisations with greater diversity bring in more revenue and adopt a better company culture. Women tend to excel at soft skills, communication, and show higher levels of emotional intelligence making them inspiring leaders and managers.

Setting diversity and inclusion aside, there are more reasons why we need an increase in women within the tech sector. In Northern Ireland alone, the tech industry is expanding more than two and half times faster than the rest of the British economy, with a reported 2.1 million jobs created in the digital economy in 2018. The demand for experts within the field is growing rapidly, both male and female – and what better way to attract potential candidates than with generous salaries, great working conditions, generous holiday packages and flexibility in regards to hours and days off. 

Many modern Tech companies boast offices with designated spaces for relaxing, socialising and sharing ideas, with many organisations competing for ‘Best Place To Work’ Awards where they’re stacked against other organisations based on the working conditions and perks they provide. 

The benefits of being a woman in tech are almost limitless, but we have identified the top 7 reasons for why we believe women should get into the Tech field below: 


1. Setting an Example 

It’s essential for women to enter industries within the Tech field to inspire and set an example for future generations.To provide equal skills for women, and close the gender pay gap we need more women representing positions which are currently dominated by men. If you are a woman working within the Tech field, your story and development matters – as how you have entered the field and the contributions you have made could be the reason other young girls want to do what you do.


2. Great life work balance 

It is no wonder that many Tech roles cater to their employees – particularly roles within the IT sector. The relaxed working atmosphere that I.T provides has even become somewhat of an internet joke, as the industry is flooded with hoodie wearing tech specialists. This transfers into the general work life balance across the sector – what matters most is your skills. Therefore many companies allow you to control your hours, take time off at a short notice, and organise many events and nights out to allow you to socialise and de stress. 


3. Financial Security 

The demand for IT specialists is still growing, and companies are offering increasingly competitive salaries to attract skilled employees. Many graduate roles in Northern Ireland are offering salaries of £25,000 upwards, with plenty of opportunities for promotion and development meaning I.T specialists with only a few years of experience can be making upwards of £30,000 per year. 


4. Job opportunities 

The IT sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Northern Ireland at the moment. If you get qualified within the field, you can be assured that you are unlikely to have trouble finding a role that will suit you. Many companies also support the working from home working model, meaning you are not limited to the local job market, you could live in Northern Ireland and comfortably work for a company with headquarters in England, America or Europe. 

5. Development Opportunities 

The tech sector is constantly evolving and changing, meaning employees within the sector are constantly exposed to training and upskilling opportunities, either through their own companies or government programmes. Many organisations also offer a training budget to ensure you are constantly learning new skills and stay on top of industry trends. 


6. Flexible working models 

Tech jobs have always been more supportive of working from home models as it is one of the few industries where you can bring your work home with you – however post COVID-19 pandemic, working from home on a permanent basis has been increasingly accepted, and sometimes even encouraged. If you find that the commute to work simply takes up too much of your time, or perhaps you have other commitments during the day, tech companies are increasingly open to letting you pick your hours and work from the comfort of your own home. 


7. An opportunity to make a difference 

Up until recently, career routes which were stereotypically known as impactful and rewarding were always rooted in medicine or civil services such as the police force, education or social work. Technology was always associated more with entertainment through the development of computer games, mobile phones and social media platforms. However, we cease to remember the truly important technological products. Major advancements have been made in industries such as medicine, where previously life threatening conditions can now be managed through the use of devices that were previously unavailable to us. New apps and websites allow us to access medical care remotely, receive help when needed, and develop software and products that help solve global problems.