Deloitte BrightStart

24th August 2017

BrightStart: education and employment for Belfast students

Partnerships with Ulster University and Belfast Metropolitan College offering students a high quality education.

Much has been achieved in the two years since Deloitte launched the Belfast Delivery Centre growth programme. With ambitious growth targets and a highly competitive local market, Deloitte in Belfast needed an innovative way to attract the best talent – leading to the development of the Deloitte Academies and a BrightStart degree programme. Both were created with social mobility and diversity at their core, and have allowed us to recruit from a new and wider pool of talent.

We developed strategic partnerships with local education providers to support both programmes. BrightStart – developed in partnership with Ulster University – offers school leavers full-time employment together with a fully funded BSc in Business Technology. The scheme has given students an excellent alternative to the standard university model and provides opportunity to those students who may not have been able to afford a university education. The Academy programme was developed in partnership with Belfast Metropolitan College and allows graduates to re-train in a range of skills, giving them new opportunities regardless of their degree.

Not only do our programmes allow us to tap into a much wider talent pool, creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace, they are also giving students the chance of a high-quality education and employment. The programmes are renowned across industry and government in Northern Ireland as the market leader. BrightStart has been recognised by the Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) as the first Level 6 Apprenticeship in Northern Ireland and has won DEL’s Apprentice of the Year Award for innovative partnerships. With a target of more than 1,000 employees by 2020, over one-third of our staff will be recruited through these programmes, demonstrating both their importance to our firm. A lot has been achieved in two years!

Deloitte BrightStarts