How to improve customer service with automation

Automation fuels efficiency in your customer service experience, so your customers get faster resolutions and take back their journey. Done well, automation can support strategic interaction routing, point customers to fast self-service options, and even guide a bot to answer simple questions. Modern customers like it when they can self-serve to solve their problems. And when they get answers to their questions in a few minutes (without having to wait on hold).

What Are The Benefits Of Automating Business Processes?

Reduced business costs – With machines and AI doing complex tasks quickly, the need for additional staff is no longer required and the extra savings can be redirected to other areas of the business.

Automation removes repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Fewer human errors occur as the processes are streamlined by systems so less time is required to correct human mistakes.

Easily scale your business as automation allows you to view all parts of the workflow on one dashboard so that you can monitor each of your processes.

Achieve consistent marketing as automation frees up time so you can schedule your social media content and engage with your audience.

Decrease work stress as the whole business systems and processes in place are simplified.

Improve business productivity as you have time to solve problems and brainstorm.

How can you improve customer service with Automation?

In today’s digital age, customers do not tolerate bad customer service. Automation aids this with easy to use contact forms, automated emails and chatbots meaning you can look after your customer without lifting a finger.

Automate key tasks to establish reliable service around the clock.

Customers are loyal to their favourite brands, but only if the companies are reliable. Now that we have the promise of next-day delivery, for example, customers expect other companies to follow suit.

Automation brings a level of reliability to customer interactions that humans can’t match. It’s unbound by time zones, sick days, and geography. Companies that use automation in customer support can assist their customers around the clock, around the globe. So customers no longer have to wait for your office hours to get help.
Improve the speed of your customer interactions with automated live chat and self-service options.
Customers don’t like waiting and the speed at which customer service expectations are met is one of the most important parts of a positive experience. The pandemic caused customer complaints to skyrocket, which revealed many companies need to rethink how to speed up their service.

Modern customers prefer live chat over most other channels, so investing in live chat support will help as younger, tech-savvy generations dominate the market. To meet demands, many companies are wisely turning to automation and triggered chatbots to offload some agent work. Chatbots automate customer support, they create tickets, handle one-on-one conversations, answer FAQs, book meetings, qualify leads, and guide customers to the self-support (e.g. knowledge base articles or community forums) they need to resolve their challenges.

You can create live chat automation that easily handles routine customer questions or point your agents on a path to the right self-service resources. That way, agents don’t have to juggle simple and complex customer questions back-to-back.

Help Desks, Ticketing and Feedback Surveys Work Together

Help desk and ticketing software automatically combine all rep-to-customer conversations in a one-on-one communication inbox. Automation and bots work together to route, assign, and respond to tickets for reps. Then, reports are automatically created so customer support teams can iterate as needed to improve the customer experience.

Setting up automatic customer feedback surveys such as NPS, CSAT, and CES, to collect the information you need will improve the customer experience. By making it easy for customers to provide their feedback, businesses benefit from a wealth of data and a ready-made list of customer-vetted improvements.

You can do this by automating the time that these surveys are shared with customers so they can fill them out after completing specific actions (e.g. making a purchase)

No Task Goes Unnoticed with Automation

With service-focused workflows, you can automate processes to ensure no tasks fall through the cracks, for example, taking action on contacts, or scheduling meetings.

You can also use workflows to create email reminders for customers that have been waiting a certain amount of time for support or set up an auto-reply to customers once they have been in touch or to create a follow-up conversation.

In short, Automate for the Win

With customer expectations at an all-time high, automation is an essential component of business success. Not only does it help businesses understand customers faster and at a deeper level, but it also helps them respond to customer concerns and issues rapidly.

In the long run, automation will help result in better business outcomes by enabling consistent, cost-efficient ways of connecting with customers and delivering the great Customer service that they demand.