UCAS Exhibition 2022 – A Summary

This year’s UCAS Northern Irish Exhibition at the Eikon Centre in Lisburn was an immense success with over 8,000 students eagerly welcomed back since the last in-person event in 2020. Featuring over 150 Universities and Colleges, the event is one of the biggest higher education fairs aiming to encourage young students to pursue their dreams by going to an Education provider that will best cater to their needs and offer courses that will truly help them kick start their careers. 

The Exhibition ran over two days starting on the 10th of March and closing its doors on the afternoon of Thursday the 11th. Both days proved to be extremely popular as bus loads of students eagerly flocked to the venue when the doors opened each morning. The venue hosted the majority of the UK’s leading Universities, promoting courses within sectors such as art, media to our personal favourites – courses within STEM, Technology and I.T. 

We were extremely happy to see some of the UK’s best ranking Universities for Computer Science, and other I.T subjects, such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College London, University of Glasgow, University of Birmingham, University of Aberdeen and many more spreading awareness of their fantastic benefits of entering the I.T. field, and all of the things students can achieve post graduating in I.T. 

The venue kept all attendees entertained by hosting talks across multiple stages with speakers explaining different career options and the opportunities that are available to students in Northern Ireland. The facilitators set out to give students an understanding of what they may expect from Higher Education and the requirements which are put in place to apply for specific courses. 

Thousands of students attended the Bring I.T. On stall across the two days to find out more about the programme as well as receive some useful advice on what pathways they can take in order to pursue I.T. in the future (and of course, to grab some of our popular merchandise!). We were pleased to introduce many young people to the idea of pursuing I.T. post completion of their A-levels, with many students not having considered it before. By explaining all of the benefits that come with a career in I.T, such as endless job opportunities, great salaries, flexible working and the ability to work remotely or whilst travelling, we received great feedback from pupils on how it’s a field they would consider in the future. 

We were also delighted to be approached by many students who had already expressed their love for I.T. with stories of how they had already started working on developing their skills. From self-proclaimed amateur coders, to those fascinated by games design and the creative fields within I.T. we eagerly introduced them to the multitude of pathways they can take to enter the field. Many students seemed particularly excited around the idea of apprenticeships finding the idea of being able to earn while you learn extremely appealing.  

Many teachers also visited the stall expressing interest in the Bring IT On schools workshops and ambassador programme. The Bring I.T On team was ecstatic to again be involved in this year’s exhibition and be able to contribute in potentially helping many young people become the I.T experts for the future. 

If you would like to find out more how we can help your child, students or school in explaining how I.T can be the perfect future field for them contact us now to request an information booklet, or organise a talk from one of our inspiring ambassadors.