Bring IT On Ambassadors programme

26th March 2019

The Bring IT On Ambassadors programme aims to match schools and IT businesses to allow staff and students to be unskilled in specific areas of need. IT business ambassadors will support schools to encourage and inspire the next generation on to join the sector.
Our Bring IT On ambassadors will offer a range of support. Proposed areas for the pilot ambassadors are:

• Mentor of ICT/digital media teacher
• Host a school visit
• Provision of work experience
• Visit school for career talk
• Visit school for technology talk
• Sponsorship school event.

We are now recruiting ambassador for Bring IT On, from both schools and employers; our vision is to have a Bring IT On Ambassador in every school in NI, to help mentor and guide ICT teachers to keep them up to date with trends and what is happening in the world digital and IT world. We would love employers to offer talks, work placements and maybe even visits to the amazing IT office space to allow young people to see first-hand what it is like to work in the IT sector. This is the next step for Bring IT On and we are excited for this new journey, we hope you can join us and inspire the next generation.

If you are an employer wanting to sign up to become an ambassador click here 

If you are an school and looking to sign up to be part of the ambassador programme click here