Cyber Discovery, HM Government’s Cyber Schools Programme

7th January 2019

We’re looking for the next generation of cyber security experts. Could that be you?

Cyber Discovery, HM Government’s Cyber Schools Programme, is an extracurricular learning programme for students aged 14-18 across the UK. Its goal is to ensure that many more people enter the cyber security profession in the coming years.

Are you a student in the UK aged 14-18?

Cyber security is an umbrella term covering many varied and interesting areas of expertise. It can seem daunting but Cyber Discovery is a unique programme designed to introduce you to the field, highlight the potential job roles available and the pathways to achieving them.

Whether you know a bit about coding, have heard of Linux, or you’ve never even considered a career to do with computers, you can have a go at Cyber Discovery; no prior experience is required. The programme offers support to gradually build your knowledge and guide you through unfamiliar concepts.

Free and accessible online material means that you can get to grips with Cyber Discovery outside of lessons and work through it in your own time.

Cyber Discovery is a government funded programme for students in the UK aged 14-18.

Entry is free and you can participate as an individual or as part of a Cyber Discovery club, which are run by Club Leaders who are typically teachers and parents.

It has four stages, listed below. You start by registering for Cyber Discovery and then participating in a fun online assessment called CyberStart Assess.

The programme continues every year and you continue where you left off until you exceed the age limit.

Key stages and dates

Registration and CyberStart Assess

Registration for Cyber Discovery opens for the year two intake, along with your chance to complete CyberStart Assess.

6 November 2018 – 7 January 2019

CyberStart Game

For those who score highly enough in Assess, and also for those from previous intakes who got this far, you get access to CyberStart Game.

15 January 2019 – 18 March 2019

CyberStart Essentials

If you got through to Game in any intake you’ll get access to a new and expanded CyberStart Essentials.

5 March 2019 – 29 April 2019

CyberStart Elite

We’ll be picking the very best students to attend CyberStart Elite, our in-person camps.

Dates TBC

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