Assured Skills Training Programme

22nd June 2019

The Assured Skills Training programme funded by the Department for the Economy and delivvered by Belfast Metropolitan College and is aimed at any graduate. If you are unemployed, under-employed, or want to change career, this pre-employment training programme can help you. Academy-style training will help you get a job by giving you the skills that expanding companies want.


How it works

When a company is interested in creating jobs in Northern Ireland, Assured Skills provides the necessary support to deliver a skilled workforce through the delivery of pre-employment training programmes, this programe offers training specifically tailored to meet the skills needed for those jobs. If you successfully complete an assured skills academy training programme, you will be offered a job interview with the recruiting company.

Previous graduates who have taken part in academies have secured full-time jobs in diverse areas such as:

  • data analytics
  • human resources
  • financial services
  • legal services
  • export sales and marketing
  • software development
  • software testing
  • software engineering
  • cyber security
  • 2D animation
  • game development

​Existing qualifications are important but, whatever your vocational area may be, the companies involved in the training programmes want employees with the drive and determination to succeed and a positive attitude to take on new challenges.

Benefits and training allowances

When you’re in a training academy, you:

    • will receive a weekly training allowance of £150
    • will be reimbursed weekly travel expenses
    • may be eligible for child care allowance
    • Guaranteed interview with recruiting company once completing the academy
    • Supported by Belfast Metropolitan College through the delivery of the academy with full student benefits

Register your interest and current opportunities

To find out what opportunities are available now Click Here.

To receive updates on new academy opportunities or to find out more about the assured skills training programme, contact the Department for the Economy – Employer Skills Branch:

Phone: 028 9041 6972 Email: